Installation Made Easy

We want to help you conquer your DIY tasks. Here’s a few steps to help make your installation easy.

Before You Buy

Using our Moulding Calculator you can measure and find exactly how much moulding you need to buy before heading to your local Home Depot.

Simply measure the length and width of the space you would like to add moulding to and plug the number into the calculator.

You can use this method to measure rooms, windows, and doors.



Measure twice, cut once. After you have your moulding, measure the length and cut to the appropriate length.


Finish Before You’re Finished

If you have decided to add a finish to your moulding, do so now before installation. This will make for a cleaner finished look on your walls.

If your moulding is already finished, skip this step.



Locate the studs on your walls and make small marks. Measure the distance between two inside corners and cut a piece of moulding to fit

between the corners. Pre-drill the moulding at each stud and fasten in place.

To avoid denting the moulding, use a nail set to finish driving the nails home.


Final Touches

After all the moulding is applied to your walls, go over raw edges with your finish or a light coat of paint if necessary.

Use wood putty to hide holes from screws.