In its total commitment to the environment, Woodgrain promises to act as a responsible corporate citizen, optimizing our resources and producing products that have a positive impact on the environment and health. From the harvesting of the wood we use to the transport of our finished goods, we strive to minimize our footprint as a company.


Woodgrain Millwork has 6 manufacturing locations all over the United States along with a manufacturing facility in Chile. Our wide reach and large manufacturing capacity allow us to offer premium products and quality service.  We strive to set the standard when it comes to millwork and our products.

Industrial Specialty Products

Industrial and specialty products capture a variety of our customer’s needs. From decorative moulding to flexible moulding, to everything in between, we have the product selection to fit. If there is a need for a wood sourced product, then Woodgrain Millwork has the solution.


Woodgrain offers prefinished millwork products, including paint, paper wrap and even a number of polymer-coated products for outdoor use.

Window & Door Components

We have all the products you need to hang and manufacture windows, interior doors and exterior doors. All of our products are available in a variety of species and sizes.